Bethany Donaghy
PhD Student

University Profile


I have been at Liverpool John Moores throughout my academic career: beginning with a BSc in Applied Psychology, followed by a MSc in Brain and Behaviour, and now studying for my PhD funded through the Vice-Chancellor Scholarship Award with my supervisors Dr David Moore, Dr Ben Rosser and Dr Helen Poole

My PhD project aims to examine factors which relate to pain experience and expression in children with autism through a mixed methods approach utilising various psychophysical and qualitative methods. This project will build on the information we already know about autistic adults pain experience to further our understanding of pain in autism from a developmental perspective, resulting in alleviation of suffering by helping both physicians understand how they can better manage pain, and help reduce anxieties associated with pain in autistic children.

Research Area(s):

Director of studies: David Moore

Supervisors: Ben Rosser, Helen Poole

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