Connor Haggarty


Connor Haggarty

Ph.D Researcher
School of Natural Sciences and Psychology

Tom Reilly Building
Liverpool John Moores University
Byrom Street
L3 3AF


I have a B.Sc in Psychology with Neuropsychology from the University of Wales, Bangor and an M.Sc in Cognitive Neuroscience from Aston University. Currently I am a Cognitive Neuroscience Ph.D student at Liverpool John Moores University. My interests lie in research of mental health conditions and improving our understanding of these conditions and the ways in which we can support/treat those with complex disorders. I have experience of working in mental health rehabilitation, aiding individuals to reintegrate into society after a lengthy stay at a mental hospital. I also helped in the physical and mental rehabilitation of individuals with TBI. Through this work I helped to create and maintain a unique system to monitor the progress and development of rehabilitation interventions.

My Ph.D research is looking at affective touch processing in Autism Spectrum Disorders. During this project I aim to discover the role that CT afferents (gentle touch sensitive afferents) play in the development of the social brain and the social deficits in individuals with ASD. We aim to determine whether objective measures of affiliative responses to CT and non-CT touch can help us to understand potential risk factors in early development that may lead to developmental disorders and possible ways to encourage a typical development of social and emotional well-being. I have special interest in electophysiological measures of neural activity and using this to understand the neural patterns of different cognitive functions and the differences in these measures between different populations.

My supervisory team are Dr. Susannah Walker, Dr. David Moore and Prof. Francis McGlone.

I am a member of:
The International Association for the Study of Affective Touch (IASAT) and The British Association of Cognitive Neuroscience

Find me on: LinkedIn,, ResearchGate.