Dr. Henrik Norholt

Email: henrik.norholt@gmail.com

I completed my PhD from the Science Faculty, Copenhagen in 2004. In the years 2009-2018, I served as the Chief Science Officer of Ergobaby Inc. – a major infant carrier brand. Through this position, I gained a broad international overview of perinatal medicine (pediatrics, pediatric orthopedics, obstetrics, midwifery, lactation consultancy) as well developmental psychology.   I have recently had the first-ever review article on the subject of parent-full-term infant contact accepted for the Infant Behavior & Development journal. My main research interests comprise the biopsychological roots of human social relations competence (“attachment”) as shaped during infancy, inspired by prof. Myron Hofer’s work on the rodent dam as a “hidden regulator” of multiple pup physiological and behavioral systems, with the dam providing a wide range of sensorimotor, thermal and nutrient based signals  to the pup.   I am in the process of developing new research on early parental social thermoregulation of the human infant and its developmental consequences. Relevant to the objective of SOMAFFECT, there are many similarities to the neural systems mediating affective responses to pleasant caress-like skin stimulation, and the neural systems mediating affective responses to warm temperature.