Ralph Pawling


Dr. Ralph Pawling
School of Natural Sciences and Psychology

Tom Reilly Building
Liverpool John Moores University
Byrom Street
L3 3AF

+44 (0)151 904 6318

Email: R.Pawling@ljmu.ac.uk

I joined SomAffect in 2013 as a postdoc, working with Professor Francis McGlone and Dr Susannah Walker.  Prior to this, I completed my PhD with Professor Steve Tipper at Bangor University, researching the role of embodiment in memory for social interactions.  During my time at Bangor I was also the Editorial Assistant for Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.

My research combines behavioural methods with psychophysiological measurements such as facial electromyography, electrodermal activity and cardiac activity.

On our current Leverhulme funded project my work involves the application of psychophysiological and behavioural measures in expanding our knowledge of the role that C-tactile afferents play in social touch.  I also collaborate with Dr Peter Cannon at  Massey University on various projects utilising psychophysiology.  In 2015 I’ll be starting work on the new BIAL funded collaboration  between our research group and Peter’s Parkiri Lab.



Selected Publications:

Adams, A-M., Simmons, F., Willis, C., & Pawling, R.  (2010).  Undergraduates students’ ability to revise text effectively: relationships with topic knowledge and working memory.  Journal of Research in Reading, 33(1), 54-76. doi:  10.1111/j.1467-9817.2009.01432.x

Saville, C.  W.  N., Pawling, R., Trullinger, M., Daley, D., Intriligator, J., & Klein, C.  (2011).  On the stability of instability:  Optimising the reliability of intra-subject variability of reaction times.  Personality and Individual Differences, 51(2), 148-153.  doi:  10.106/j.paid.2011.03.034

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