Sharon Smith PhD Researcher School of Natural Sciences and Psychology

Tom Reilly Building Liverpool John Moores University Byrom Street Liverpool L3 3AF

Email: s.smith4@2007.ljmu.ac.uk

I joined Liverpool John Moores University at the undergraduate level, where I completed a BSc in Applied Psychology and continued on to complete an MSc in Health Psychology.  I am still based at LJMU undertaking a BBSRC CASE award - Glaxo Smith Kline funded Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience under the supervision of Prof. Francis McGlone, Dr. Susannah Walker and Dr. Anna Law. The aim of my Ph.D. project is to examine the neurological and psychological aspects of oral sensation.  This is being done through various psychophysical methods, quantitative sensory testing and electrophysiology.  During the project we aim to add further understanding of why it is that individuals experience the oral sensory world differently and the impacts these different perceptions have on the individual.  This will be done by examining the impact of taster status (a genetic polymorphism) on oral sensory processing and investigating if perceived state of mouth influences subjective and affective states such as self-confidence. Thesis projects: MSc Thesis: Autistic traits in a neurotypical population and its relationship to and effects on affective touch. Find me on: LinkedIn, ResearchGate