fMRI: A long term association with the Sir Peter Mansfield Magnetic Resonance Centre, at the University of Nottingham, is using ultra-high-field fMRI (7T) to further explore the central representation of somatosensory inputs to the brain. A pioneering development has been the coupling of intraneural microstimulation, during microneurography on single mechanosensitive afferents, with concurrent fMRI acquisition, enabling us to study cortical response patterns in healthy and neurologically impaired brains.

EEG: At LJMU, our psychophysiology laboratories house a Faraday Cage, along with 128 & 64 channel EEG systems. Previous research conducted by our collaborators at the University of Gothenburg identified an ultra-late potential evoked by CT stimulating touch, this finding is consistent with the pain literature where ultra-late components have also been identified which relate to activation of slowly conducting unmyelinated c-pain afferents. We are using EEG an objective measure of responses to sensory input to explore individual differences in processing the affective / motivational aspects of touch of in healthy and clinical populations.


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