Are you the parent or guardian of an autistic child?

Are you aged 18+?

Is your child aged 11-16?

If you answered YES to all of the above…



This study aims to improve understanding of pain in autistic children by exploring how autistic children and their parents describe and experience pain in their daily lives.

What will happen?

Bethany (an autistic PhD student) will ask you to complete a questionnaire via Qualtrics and two audio recorded interviews over Zoom/Microsoft Teams:

1 with your child lasting up to 1 hour (you can be present).

1 with you, lasting up to 1 hour (your child does not need to be present).

You and your child will be asked semi-structured questions about your child’s pain. For example, describing pain to others, how often your child is in pain, and some emotions that may come with being in pain (i.e. happy or sad).

If you choose to participate, you can:

  • Use your preferred method of communication.
  • Choose to not answer some questions.
  • Withdraw participation at any time.

In return for your participation and time, you and your child will each receive a £20 Love2Shop voucher as a thank you!

If you are interested please contact Bethany Donaghy (Researcher) at:


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