Adarsh Makdani
PhD Student / Research Assistant

University Profile


I joined SomAffect in 2014, beginning a PhD supported by the Pain Relief Foundation.

Prior to that, I read Neuroscience with Psychology (BSc. Hons.) at the School of Medical Sciences, within the University of Aberdeen.

The aim of my PhD research is to further the understanding of peripheral pain mechanisms. using sensory psychophysiological testing alongside Microneurography, to investigate the electrophysiological properties of afferent nerve fibres (in humans), in both normal, and neuropathic pain models/ states.

I’m a strong advocate for scientific communication, and public engagement with research.

Research Area(s):

Director of Studies: Francis McGlone

Supervisors: Susannah Walker, David Moore

Microneurography training: Andrew Marshall

Line Manager: Francis McGlone

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